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180 € + IVA 

For small spaces up to 40 m2

(Not including travel)



Meeting with the client to meet expectations, tastes and style.

See the aesthetics and design of the project design.

Analysis of project status, current aesthetic and possibilities

Compilation of planes taking basic measures for documentation

Visit to the work, home or future location for documentation

Analysis and testing rooms, orientation, natural lighting and surfaces.

Materials study stays finishes, natural lighting and possibilities.

Taking pictures and explanatory notes for report documentation

Gather information on tastes in design, type of materials, coatings, lighting, and styles in furniture.

Technical advice and information on materials, coatings, lighting, luminaire types, distribution and more suitable environments.



Dossier with specification.

Sketch distribution and lighting.

Recommendation finishes, colors, coatings, furniture styles

Accessories, coordination of textiles and textures.

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