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ACR is a Spanish company dedicated to architecture and high decoration, with accumulated by their technicians in the industry over 20 years experience.


We aim to provide our customers with everything you need for remodeling or building a house or any interior design project, including retail, hospitality, etc.


We offer a wide range of products and premium brands in: Kitchens, Bathrooms, Floors and Coverings, Cabinets and Doors, Furniture Design, Lighting, Furniture, Office, Commercial, Hospitality, Accessories for Decoration, Custom furniture, etc.


We work with international brands in the industry as well as collections and designs, providing our customers a selection of ideas for your home or space, plus the convenience of having a single contact for the entire project.


     Today we have a showroom in the city of Malaga where you will find a selection of products and materials we work with, our interior designers will advise personalized way. If you want you can hire the service of Integral Project and will provide a 'turnkey' solution for reform or construction of your space.


     Interior Projects


     In ACR we have a department specialized in comprehensive interior design projects for homes, hotels, offices, clinics, shops, etc ...


     Through our work in computer graphics, we can assist you in achieving something as simple as a room as well as the overall project of a full house, with the great advantage that with one team of the same company you can design and buy everything needed for the interior of your home or space (lighting, furniture, kitchen, baths, flooring, decorative trim, doors, etc.) material.


We also have staff who can implement and coordinate their work so that you do not have to worry about anything, just to approve the proposed design team.





    The house is the space that reflects our lifestyle and personality.


    In ACR design spaces participate by our customers to create customized environments and character, this is the concept that defines the way we work.


     ACR is also able to design and manufacture products tailored to each client. With an extensive resume of projects; the experience of the best professionals and manufacturers in the industry, we are able to carry out the projects entrusted to us with the best value and in record time.

The over 20 years we have been in the market place us in a privileged place in seeking the best solutions to the needs of our client.




   Our department consists Contract frontline professionals, experts in each of the areas of design and implementation of each project.


   Contract Department is primarily responsible for projects such as residential developments, franchises, hotels, offices, clinics, large format commercial projects, etc.

   We develop projects for companies and individuals, covering different fields with the aim of offering a comprehensive service from a functional approach and clearly aesthetic.


   We design and project spaces turn image and business communication in collaboration with professionals from the fields of design, image and advertising media and communication necessary to achieve optimal image resolution for each project. Our goal is to ensure a quality result.


We offer coordinating all project phases, from the transformation of space through the distribution and lighting up the direction and execution of the works including managing the necessary permits. We understand that providing good service starts with understanding customer needs.


    Our services include:


-Development Of interior design projects and image.

-Assistance in the layout and decoration of spaces.

-Studies Lighting.

-Selection And management of purchasing furniture.

-Design And production of custom furniture and decorative elements.

-Management Of work and permitting.

-Advice And supply equipment for hospitality.

-Image And sound.


-Development Of corporate image.

-Graphic Design (catalogs, cards ...).


-Design of exhibition stand and etc ....

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